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You are what you eat...again!

Nutrition and Hair loss

It may not come as a surprise but what you put in your body will affect the growth of your hair.

If you need another reason to focus on nutrition, this is it! Your hair follicles are fed by your capillaries. The capillaries bring nutrients from your diet. If the follicle isn’t “fed” properly, hair health can suffer.

From a biological standpoint, your hair isn’t vital. Your body will take all the nutrition it needs to run important functions to keep you alive. If you aren’t feeding it properly, the “non-vital” functions will suffer. Ie, your hair.

To have healthy hair and a healthy body, you need a balance of macro and micronutrients. This can seem pretty complicated, but a good way to check is to make sure you’re eating protein, fat and healthy carbohydrates in every meal. Keep it colorful. Try to aim for 5-6 colors on your plate. You will get everything you need.

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