Now located within Make Me Fabulous at the Pavilion Grand Hotel in Saratoga Springs. Please click to make an appointment.

Hours at Make Me Fabulous

Tues-Thurs   10-7

Friday           9-5

Saturday       9-4


Bridal Beauty Specialist for Saratoga and Vermont.

"We strive to provide hair and makeup that have superior long-wear capabilities as well as photograph perfectly! Alayne Curtiss at Make Me Fabulous has tested her processes for over 20 years and continues to refine them." 

After years of experience, I am still being trained and refining my skills. I agree with Alayne that you must look beautiful in person as well as in photos.

I am so excited to have joined  Make Me Fabulous because they are a long-standing company that has been in the bridal beauty industry for more than 20 years.

Happy Wedding Planning! Please inquire below.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Patty,

I am a hairstylist, wife, mom, fitness junkie and many other things to boot!

     It all started in my childhood bedroom. My first client was Barbie. As I grew so did my clientele. I was well into friends and family by the time I was a teenager. Cosmetology school was an obvious decision for me.

     I have extreme patience and my active listening skills really help me keep my work in line with what my guests are looking for.

     As part of my healthy lifestyle, I am very aware of what goes into and onto my body. That has seeped into my workplace. I only use high-performance products that respect personal health. 

     I provide an uplifting and relaxing experience for you, create a beautiful style, and educate you to create the look at home. You will leave my salon feeling beautiful and confident!







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